Frequently Asked Questions

This is an unprecedented time. We are going to need to make and disseminate these devices in weeks to have a major impact on the COVID problem. We will have to find rapid ways to pare down from hundreds of available designs on the internet for PPE to the most promising ones. These designs must then be tested and validated to the extent possible. Then we must work on a deployment and implementation strategy all in a matter of weeks.

The Validation Working Group will be key in helping the other working groups define their deployment and implementation paths.

At this time, 3D printed masks are NOT a safe, viable, and validated option.  Please hold off on printing mask designs you see on the internet at this time. When we validate the best designs, we will share this information with the community.

This center will develop a working group for outreach that will work with other local hospitals, outside of MGH and BWH, and across the nation to get information on best methods other areas are using and to potentially offer our support in the best ways possible.

We are going to be discussing those ideas in great detail within the working groups. A major goal of each working group is to do that vetting process and determine what the best methods are and focus on the products that are most likely to be successful in the short term clinically.