Horizon Technologies

Are you in the Clinical, Health Policy, or Diagnostic Technology Sectors?

As part of the Diagnostics Pillar within the MGB Center for COVID Innovation, we have formed the Horizon Technology Initiative to improve COVID-19 testing world-wide by providing a bridge between tech developers and opportunities for COVID-19 clinical use, as well as strategies which will enable the next generation of diagnostic technologies to reach patients rapidly and effectively.

The Horizon Technologies Working Group is interested in gathering information from the COVID-19 clinical, policy, diagnostic technology sectors to enable our goal of driving the development and delivery of the absolute best technological solutions to meeting the diagnostic clinical needs of COVID-19.

We hope you can join us in this rapidly changing environment of pandemic response as we seek to identify, understand, and rapidly address the challenges that remain by clicking through to complete the surveys below.

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The goal of the Horizon Technologies Working Group is to nurture and identify emerging diagnostic technologies that have the potential to impact the current COVID pandemic, and to help accelerate their deployment. 

We will work with researchers to help them better understand current unmet needs so they can better target their efforts. In addition, we will evaluate the most promising new technologies, and help connect their developers with the resources needed to translate this work to have a real world impact (e.g. through validation, scaling, etc.). There is a tremendous amount of creativity and energy in our research community, and we are excited to help funnel this into solutions that will have an impact on the current crisis.


Improve public health by enabling the next generation of diagnostic technologies to reach patients.


Serve as the bridge between tech developers and clinical use.​



Determine unmet clinical needs and opportunities for innovation.


Identify and evaluate promising emerging technological solutions to unmet needs.


Engage with technology developers to help accelerate their path to the clinic.


Wesley P. Wong, Ph.D.
Lead, Horizon Technologies

Lauren Linton, Ph.D.
Lead, Opportunities & Evaluation Subgroups

Jessica McDonough, Ph.D.
Lead, Engagement Subgroup

James A. Toombs, Ph.D.
Project Manager

Sara Yohannes
Administrative Lead

For more information or if you have other questions, please email covid_innovation_diagnostics@PARTNERS.ORG