Reuse Working Group

To respond to the shortage of N95 respirators, the Reuse working group has been instrumental in arranging for Battelle to bring their FDA-approved hydrogen peroxide decontamination system to Massachusetts.  This system, which can decontaminate 80,000 respirators a day, will service not only MGH and BWH, but all Massachusetts health care facilities and first responders.
The Reuse group has also worked to develop an in-house sterilization method based on vaporized hydrogen peroxide, similar to the Battelle process, to decontaminate N95 respirators and other PPE.  The in-house process can decontaminate over 10,000 respirators a day.
This group has also developed a low-cost, cart-size UVC decontamination equipment for remote sites.
Information for N95 decontamination methods is being shared nationally and internationally. 
Read the Reuse working group’s results on moist heat decontamination here, the results on hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization here, and their second results on hydrogen peroxide vapor sterilization here.
Decontamination in Progress
N95 Respirators during the decontamination process
UVC Decontamination
Low cost, cart-sized
Distribution Dark
The Reuse working group has been instrumental in securing the Battelle system, has developed a low cost UVC decontamination system, and is publishing two papers on their results.