Full Body Protection

The Full Body Protection working group has designed and built Personal Protective Booths, which are phone booth style structures made out of inexpensive plexiglass walls with integrated glove ports. This device can isolate patients and/or caregivers, decreasing risk of virus transmission during screening/testing and nebulizer therapies. 

The group is also bringing several versions of patient isolation hoods into the ED, OR, and ICU. The booth and hood devices works as barriers and reduce viral exposure of healthcare providers during screening/testing, nebulizer therapies and high-risk aerosol-generating procedures

The group is also working on developing and implementing a novel sample bag dispensing system, named Grab-A-Lab, to obtain and transport high-risk specimens safely without cross-contamination of surface areas, equipment, staff and patients.

Personal Protective Booth
Demonstrate how to use the protective booth.
Patient-isolation Hood
Hood developed for protecting physicians during aerosol-generating procedures at MGH Department of Anesthesia, Critical Care and Pain Medicine
Patient-isolation Hood
A barrier between healthcare provider and patient
Distribution Dark
The Personal Protective Booths have been deployed at testing sites at Chelsea, and are protecting healthcare staff at the frontline.

Interested in joining the Full Body Protection Working Group? Contact Casey Frazier at CFRAZIER5@PARTNERS.ORG