Clinical Trial Tools & MGB COVID-19 Data Mart

We enable research by providing secure access to hospital patient datasets and by developing clinical trial support tools. 

Our Accomplishments

We supported the validation of a central COVID-19 research database to increase the availability of accurate COVID-specific data for investigators across our institutions and allow the best applications for COVID-related funding opportunities to be submitted. 

COVID-19 Data Mart Tools & Resources

In response to the fast-growing number of COVID-19 research projects, new and enhanced research data tools and data sets are being made available to support these endeavors. The goal is to support the rapid turnover of analytics to help researchers understand the signs and symptoms, comorbidities, and treatments of COVID-19. Researchers can leverage any combination of these tools to support COVID-19 research. The data enclave is updated weekly and includes curated summary data tables, data documentation and support. 

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